Thursday, April 3, 2014

Peculiar: not like the world.

"As Latter-day Saints, we need not look like the world. We need not entertain like the world. Our personal habits should be different. Our recreation should be different. Our concern for family will be different. As we establish this distinctiveness firmly in our life’s pattern, the blessings of heaven await to assist us.”
~ Robert D. Hales [Ensign, Feb. 2002]

 Harold B. Lee (THBL166-167):
"Our failure to be a 'peculiar' people in maintaining our standards, despite the jeers and the criticisms of the crowd, will be our failure to be
 chosen for that calling to which we are called. . . .

"So then as Church members let us beware lest we set our hearts upon the things of this world and lest we aspire so much to the honors of men that we compromise our standards. If we do so, we will be cut off in the Day of Judgment and will lose our blessings. Our reward for daring to live the gospel despite the oppositions from the outside world will be to have blessings added upon our heads forever and forever." 

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