Sunday, March 23, 2014

The important work of Relief Society!

 Belinda Marden Pratt (1820-1894) was the Millard Stake (UT) Relief Society President for a time. In a journal entry she records a dream she had of her late husband, Parley P. Pratt, who came to her and told her not to give up on her work inRelief Society but to "cease doing other work of less importance." The same entry shows Belinda's enthusiasm for the work in which she was engaged:

"In reading 'our [Women's] Exponent' of the 1st of this month I could only give expression to my feelings in tears. What an age we are living in! How great the responsibilities of the sisters of the church. What a work they are accomplishing! And how many there are that do not realize the amount of work before them as helpers in this great dispensation. Others are working with all their might. . . .Engaged in the work of Relief Society!" (B.M. Pratt, Journal, September 5, 1880)

Did you know you can read the Women's Exponent, a newspaper published by the Relief Society from 1872-1914? It is fascinating reading on not only spiritual topics but practical housekeeping tips for that time period. 

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